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South East Maclay Regionals

 DEVITA ENTERPRISES is proud to host the Southeast Maclay Regionals! 

2019 South East Maclay Regionals - Sept. 20-22, 2019

Mark your calendars for the 2019 South East Maclay Regionals!

September 20-22, 2019 - Bob Thomas Equestrian Center at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, Florida. 

Find prize list, schedule, entry blanks, and show details below.

Thank You, Sponsors!

We welcome our sponsors Tenney's Custom Saddlery,  CWD, EMO Insurance Agency, MMG, and Don Stewart Stables! 

We are pleased to announce the Don Stewart Stable Best Horse Award  to be presented during the Region 3 ASPCA/NHSAA Maclay Regional class. 

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Feed & Bedding

Clay Crosby (813) 477-3136


For Feed & Bedding Orders at the

Tampa Fairgrounds please contact Clay Crosby

South East Maclay Regionals

Florida State Fairgrounds Expo Hall, 4800 N US Highway 301, Tampa, Florida 33610, United States

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The Leo Conroy Maclay Grant


Leo Conroy, co-manager of the National Horse Show and Chairman of the ASPCA Maclay Finals, passed away early in January, 2015. Leo was a valuable asset to the NHS and a devoted supporter. To commemorate his loyalty and dedication, the National Horse Show has established a grant fund in his name: The Leo Conroy Maclay Grant. This grant will be awarded to up to five (5) Maclay riders who demonstrate a financial need in order to participate in the Maclay Finals at the NHS. The ASPCA Maclay Finals held a special place in Leo’s heart, having been a rider and equitation trainer for most of his life.. 

Click HERE to learn more about the Leo Conroy Maclay Grant