2 Zodiac Signs Overcome Sadness March 29, 2024

This Friday, we forgive ourselves for our failures. Understand that March 29 will bring sadness to some, and we must cope with it.

The Sagittarius Moon/Pluto composite energy influences us today. Here, we see how we expect

 the world to fall into our laps and know we are good, talented, and capable. However, we cannot pass 'go' presently.

Sagittarius brings naïve optimism, while Pluto cautions us to stay within limits. This produces inner tension for two zodiac signs.

 When we consider ourselves as proactive and capable of greatness, it's hard to accept that we may have limitations or that something is blocking our growth.

Sagittarius Moon/Pluto energy puts us 'between a rock and a hard place'. Thoughtful patience and forgiveness can make this bearable.

Being positive and trying your hardest puts pressure on yourself to keep going. You've lived through the worst and prefer the best, so much of your life's work, at least 1. Taurus

Sagittarius energy suits you like a fish in water, but Pluto could unleash a tsunami of emotions that you may not be ready for today. Our emotions are often linked to moods and the

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