2 Zodiac Signs That Are Basically The 'Universe's Favorites'

Each zodiac sign has distinct characteristics that make them lucky and special in their own right.   

Those who have benefic signs (signs ruled by Jupiter or Venus) in their big three or are dominant in these signs can be considered extra fortunate or blessed  

Joshua Pingley refers to them, the universe's favorite — because these benefics can provide an extra boost of confidence and luck.  

"Every planet has zodiac signs that it's strong in and signs that it's weak in," Pingley explained, alluding to astrology's fundamental dignity idea.  

"Sagittarius and Pisces are the favorites because they derive dignity from Jupiter, the bigger benefic, and debility (or weakness) from Mercury, the only neutral planet.  

Pisces, a magician and seer, is "the universe's favorite" since they have mastered all 12 zodiacal lessons.  Pisce

They embody Jupiter's principles of ongoing personal improvement. It is a sign that signifies adventure, travel, and philosophy for a reason: its objective is to expand, learn, and

Sagittarius' popularity stems in part from its refusal to accept defeat. After all, the sign preceding them is Scorpio, and the sign following them is Capricorn  

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