3 major dos and don'ts for raising emotionally intelligent kids

As parents, we want the best for our kids. We strive to produce strong, moral, joyful people.

  We sometimes doubt our parenting choices, cross our fingers, and hope we're doing it right.

Parenting will always be a source of hopes, dreams, and worries, but we no longer have to wing it and hope

We now have a science-based plan for raising well-balanced, high-achieving, emotionally intelligent kids with Emotion Coaching.

Dr. John Gottman found that emotional awareness and management of feelings are more important than IQ in determining a child's success and happiness.

Use your child's unpleasant emotions to connect, heal, and grow. Children have trouble managing emotions. Be caring and kind1. DO: use negative emotions to bond.

Help your child express their feelings. When children can describe their emotions, they can better manage them without feeling overwhelmed.2. Help your youngster label feelings.

Help them respond differently in the future. Ask for their aid finding alternate alternatives. Kids want autonomy, and this is a terrific method to educate them they can self-regul

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