4 Simple Ways to Improve Kids' Listening

One of the hardest challenges of parenting is getting kids to listen. Since they can walk, kids value independence.

even blatant defiance ... what's a frustrated parent to do? Fortunately, there are options!

Here are four simple techniques to improve kids' listening.

 From the time little ones can walk, they prize their independence.

Putting home rules on the fridge is just one part. Rules must be constantly enforced.  Rules need not be difficult. Even better, let your kids add to the list. 1. Consistent pare

Minors make mistakes. Kids learn to make better choices by making bad ones. Be human with your kids. Their sentiments were valid even though they handled them terribly.  2. Empath

Parenting coach Elaine Taylor-Klaus says, "Coaching helps parents empower and promote their children. Learning and improvement are prioritized over correction and re-direction." 3

Notice I didn't say stay calm. Be neutral like an inquisitive scientist. Of course, disobedient kids are frustrating. Maintain perspective to control your wrath and frustration. Th

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