5 zodiac signs are drawn to pleasant fragrances in partners.

Either their partners have a naturally pleasant fragrance, or they may endeavor to enhance their perfume through a variety of forms and cosmetics.  

Whether you're an experienced astrologer or just starting out,  

They entice others with their good taste, polished look, nice aroma, and keen eye for beauty.

Leos are drawn to companions who emit nice fragrances. When they are dating someone, they want a lot of intensity, and having a nice aroma  LEO

Capricorns are very precise signs who need their spouses to be perfect in all respects, even fragrance. CAPRICORNS

A Libran is drawn to a mate who complements them in all aspects, including look and aroma.LIBRA

Venus oversees Taurus, and Taureans like anything with a lush and sensual fragrance. They like aesthetics and are surely driven by their partner's   Taurus 

Being in a relationship with someone who smells amazing is one of life's pleasures that Sagittarius values. SAGGITARUS