7 of the most iconic movie outfits of all time

Her most iconic outfit comes right at the film's start the "little black dress" she pairs with pearls, a croissant, and a cup of takeout coffee to look at Tiffany's window displays.

Audrey Hepburn's little black dress

In Grace Kelly's third and final collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock, she dons the most iconic costume of their partnership a white, strapless organza dress accessorized with an elaborate diamond

Grace Kelly's white, strapless gown

Costume designer William Travilla's white cocktail dress for Marilyn Monroe's role in "The Seven Year Itch" is arguably the most iconic clothing item she's ever worn.

Marilyn Monroe's white subway grate dress

The film "Basic Instinct" is widely praised for the groundbreaking way it depicts sex and sexuality. A prime example of this revolutionary approach is the dress Sharon Stone's Catherine Tramell wears

Sharon Stone's icy white interrogation dress

The high-waisted spandex pants Olivia Newton-John wears in the final scenes of "Grease" were already vintage when the film was shot in 1977 and released the following year

Olivia Newton-John's black spandex pants

Before filming began on "Legally Blonde," costume designer Sophie De Rakoff visited several sororities around Los Angeles to get a feel for what colors college-age girls were gravitating toward.

Reese Witherspoon's pink Jackie O look

If you're at all familiar with the making of "The Wizard of Oz," you're probably well aware of the fact that several pairs of Dorothy's ruby slippers have disappeared since the film wrapped in 1939.

Judy Garland's Dorothy dress