1: The Samoyed breed is a favorite, but its grooming needs and price make it one of the costliest dogs to own.

2: The Tibetan Mastiff is known for its loyalty and protective nature, but be prepared for its high price tag.

3: Akita dogs boast a strong personality, but their grooming demands and expenses can add up quickly.

4: The Chow Chow breed may be charming, but their health issues and maintenance costs can be expensive.

5: The Rottweiler is a popular choice, but its training and healthcare expenses can make it a pricey breed to own.

6: The Pharaoh Hound is a rarity, but its high cost of acquisition and care can be a deterrent for some.

7: The French Bulldog's popularity is on the rise, but their breeding difficulties and health concerns can drive up costs.

8: The Azawakh is an elegant breed, but its rarity and initial expense can make it one of the priciest dogs.

9: The English Bulldog is a beloved companion, but their medical needs and potential surgeries can make them costly to own.