An Opening Day jolt for the Blue Jays from Vlad Jr.'s 450-foot home run

St. Petersburg— Yes, the Blue Jays have been talking about it all offseason.

A slow start bubbled and burst Thursday, laying the groundwork for a Blue Jays onslaught that won 8-2 over the Rays on Opening Day at Tropicana Field.

John Schneider called the Blue Jays a “damn good offensive team,” and slapping singles and taking turns won't revive that. 

 It requires Vladimir Guerrero Jr. walking across home plate to enjoy a 450-foot center-field shot that went where baseballs don't fall.

“We want guys to do damage,” Schneider added.

Getting three or four hits in an inning consistently is hard at this level, so we want the top guys to do damage.

 We want good counts and ball drives.

Guys throughout the lineup can compliment that.”

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