Bills Database Antonio Brown draws criticism from Damar Hamlin over a contentious social media post.

Every NFL player and fan's thoughts and emotions were captured when Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin  

collapsed on the field in January 2023 after taking a blow to the chest that resulted in cardiac arrest.   

Thankfully, Hamlin was able to be revived by the training personnel and the on-field medical staff.  

Hamlin's tale gained widespread recognition, and his success in overcoming this extremely frightening  

Since then, Hamlin has inspired people all throughout the world by using that as fuel.  

Nobody knows what drove Brown to respond in this way or why he decided to go after Hamlin specifically, but it did cause Hamlin to respond.  

LibraIn his reply on X, Hamlin said, "You just sent me a direct message on Monday? I assume you're teasing me on Twitter  

I haven't DM'd you back. God, please save me from ever becoming as burned out and jaded as you are.  

I used to think highly of you, frfr, pretty damn sad. Bring back the original AB, talk about a clone!"