Blades of action: 6 samurai series you can't miss

Author: Achu Krishnan

This captivating samurai series navigates loyalty, betrayal, and honor in feudal Japan, blending drama with gripping sword fights.

The Trusted Confidant

Follow Kanbei's strategic genius in this captivating historical drama, blending warfare, politics, and personal sacrifice.

Gunshi Kanbee

A captivating tale of power, honor, and cultural clash, set in feudal Japan, following an English navigator's journey.


A thrilling blend of hip-hop press12 and Edo-era Japan, following a trio's journey filled with action, humor, and intrigue.

Samurai Champloo

A classic tale of honor and duty in feudal Japan, exploring the struggles and sacrifices of samurai warriors.

The Samurai

Unraveling a mysterious past, a lone warrior embarks on a perilous journey filled with betrayal, redemption, and swordplay.

Blue Eye Samurai

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