Can you recognize Old Man's Wife in 11 seconds? An optical illusion to test your IQ.  

Optical Illusion to Test Your IQ: Do you enjoy discovering hidden faces within optical illusion images  

Then this brain puzzle is for you! An optical illusion is a mind-bending, deeply interesting, shape-shifting image of an object, drawing, or person that challenges the brain's perc

There are several sorts of optical illusions, including physical, physiological, and cognitive illusions.   

These optical illusions are frequently used in psychoanalysis since they provide insight into how you view things.   

A typical human brain may view items or images from many perspectives, resulting in a unique viewpoint.  

One such mind-bending artwork is an image in which an elderly man's wife's face is buried within the picture.  

The above image is a difficult puzzle created for both children and adults as a Brain Teaser.  

The difficult element of this opticalying the woman's face.   

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