Can you spot the sneaky thief in this Halloween-themed brain teaser?

This brainteaser has a Halloween theme. Find the sneaky intruder.   

Put your ability to observe to the test.Halloween is quickly approaching, which makes it the ideal time for fun tricks and delicious goodies.   

We have the ideal trick up our sleeves for you.This brainteaser with a Halloween theme is sure to capture your interest as it reveals humorous and spine-tingling hidden truths that

onto initial observation, one could assume they have stumbled onto a standard Halloween scenario, replete with costumed participants taking part in the fun.   

However, if you have the courage to look more closely, you'll quickly see that there's a cunning trespasser hiding among the revelers.  

This picture perfectly depicts the spirit of a Halloween party when guests are dressed in a variety of costumes.   

But watch out—this insidious intruder isn't your typical black-and-white robber, clutching a money sack like you'd find in a costume shop.  

Instead of the clichéd burglar outfit, what you'll find is a cunning wrongdoer amidst the Halloween merrymakers, discreetly filching something precious.  

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