Christian Laettner says, "My first and lasting impression of Jordan is how much effort he puts on the defensive end"

Michael Jordan is a legendary scorer. Being hot on offense made him unstoppable, as shown by his career average of 30.1 points per game.

Since he was one of the league's most well-rounded players, MJ is more than a scorer.

 Since he won Defensive Player of the Year as a guard, his defense deserves more attention than his offense.

 Jordan's 1992 Dream Team colleague Christian Laettner saw His Airness' defense instantly.

The 1988 DPOY winner, three-time steals leader, and nine-time All-Defensive team member Jordan was great on defense. 

 His offensive prowess overshadows his NBA perimeter defense, which was among the finest.

Since people frequently forgot he was a defense titan, MJ wanted to be renowned for his defense.

Since he knew he was great on defense, earning accolades from the opposite side strengthens his claim to be the best.

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