Dame standout Hannah Hidalgo was upset she had to miss the Sweet 16 loss to Oregon State to remove her nose ring.

Albany, NY— Notre Dame freshman Hannah Hidalgo had to remove her nose ring and miss time in Friday's Sweet 16 loss to Oregon State, 70-65.

Hidalgo, who averages 22.9 points, scored 10 today. Her score matched a season low.

Starting the second quarter, the first-team All-American missed four minutes.

“It’s tough because you know I was on a roll and having to sit out for five minutes because of a nose ring is BS,” Hidalgo added.

NCAA women's basketball Rule 1-25.7 prohibits jewelry during games.

“No, clearly I didn’t know the jewelry rule,” Hidalgo stated post-game. 

She told me I could hide it.

She then said, "You can't hide it after the second quarter."

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