Dillon Brooks Issues Ja Morant-Jalen Green Statement  

The Houston Rockets are the Western Conference's hottest club, having won eight straight games to get within one game of the 10th seed Golden State Warriors.   

Houston has been one of the worst basketball teams over the last three seasons, but they planned to be much more competitive this season  

After making several expensive free agent acquisitions and hiring Ime Udoka.  

Former Memphis Grizzlies forward Dillon Brooks was one of those free agent acquisitions, hoping to bring a level of passion and attention to the Houston  

Rockets that had been absent in previous seasons. Brooks contributed significantly to the Grizzlies being a perennial playoff team in the Western Conference  

The rise of teenage guard Jalen Green in recent weeks has been one of the key driving forces behind Houston's surge, and Brooks recently mentioned former teammate Ja Morant when di

"I always tell him to keep the same routine because that's what Ja [Morant] did," Brooks told The Rockets Wire of Green.  

Green and Morant are distinct players, yet they are both incredibly explosive guards.   

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