Draymond Green's antics have exhausted Warriors, as Steph Curry exclaimed.

 With 10 games left, their season is down to a few options, each too valuable to waste.

These Warriors have never been in such a dire scenario, not with their complete squa...

.. not in a non-pandemic year, and not with a retooled club meant to rebound from last year's disjointed letdown.

Complex and difficult circumstances have the potential to bring about clarity and focus.

 Moreover, it would appear that the Warriors have finally come to terms with the fact that they are sick and tired of Draymond Green's shenanigans.

Most importantly, Stephen Curry is done.

Green was dismissed three minutes and 10 seconds into the first quarter in Orlando, the second of a crucial back-to-back.

Green was punished for a technical foul for touching Ray Acosta, a clear violation.

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