Erik Johansson, the Swedish Photoshop master, creates mind-bending optical illusions.  

We've all seen optical illusions before, but Erik Johansson's expertly warped works of art still hold power  

Perhaps it's because they're composite photographs, which create some of the most lifelike and disturbing illusions we've ever witnessed.  

Johansson (who we've previously written about) is a photographer and retoucher.   

What I love about his work is that even his formally commissioned paintings are works of art.   

The photographs below, including cars, were commissioned by the Transportation Accident Commission in Australia to demonstrate the disorientation that can occur when driving under

"Although one photo can consist of hundreds of different images," Johansson writes on his website  

He always wants them to "look like they could have been captured."  

Photographer and retoucher. What's amazing about his work is that even his officially commissioned paintings are works of art.  

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