Get Ready for the Mariners' First Game: March 28th vs. Boston

As a group, we have successfully completed yet another off-season.

 The Seattle Mariners will play their 2024 season opener tonight with a lineup that hopefully has greater consistency than last year's to bolster their excellent rotation. 

Remember this year's 40 in 40 series and the handy NRI guide! To catch up on player additions, check out the AL West preview series to see how the Mariners compare to the AL West,

 Naturally, we hope you'll discuss today's game in the comments.

Mariners baseball returns this year. We appreciate your presence.

The Mariners will send staff ace Luis Castillo to the mound for the season opener,...

...looking for a good outing to set the tone and save the bullpen.

The Mariners will replace Josh Rojas at third base with Luis Urías, as Scott Servais announced it beforehand.

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