Grapes or Gummy Bears? TikTok's new optical illusion is dividing users.  

Mia Yilin has created a new optical illusion that has completely transformed the platform.   

It is made up of an edible bunch that some people describe as grapes and others as gummy bears.  

A decision that, according to the user, serves as a personality assessment.'I  

'If you saw the gummy bears for the first time, you are a highly organized and timely person,' he says in the clip.   

"You place a high value on productivity and strive to make the most of your time."  

In contrast, "if you saw grapes for the first time, you crave adventure and freedom."  

You find tranquility in nature and value quality above quantity in relationships.'  

Yilin, who has over 457,000 followers on the platform, routinely shares graphic personality tests.  

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