Homemade Applesauce

This homemade applesauce recipe is a year-round favorite in our household, but it is especially popular during apple season.

It's a simple way to use up leftover too-soft or overripe apples, and as it cooks, the perfume of fresh apples and cinnamon permeates the home. 

That smell is very inviting on a update autumn day. On its own, it's enough to convert anyone to homemade applesauce.

However, this homemade applesauce recipe gets better. It doesn't just smell good; it also tastes good! It's acidic, somewhat sweet, and packed with spiced apple flavor. 

You can make it chunky if you want your applesauce with texture, or blend it if you prefer it completely smooth. Regardless, it's excellent. I think you'll love it!

If you've never made homemade applesauce, you won't believe how simple it is! My recipe begins with five simple ingredients:

Apples, of course! This applesauce recipe is ideal for using up apples that are overripe, bruised, or too mushy to eat on their own. For the finest flavor, I recommend combining di

Find my favourites in the box below! Apple cider vinegar's acidic flavor balances the sweetness of the apples. Fresh lemon juice would also work here.

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