How the 2024 Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Will Impact All 12 Zodiac Signs Until April 8  

Eclipses cause disruptions. Some can last up to six months, but the first one of this year delivers specific alterations until the April 8, 2024 solar eclipse in Aries.  

AriesYour appearance and presentation need your full attention. You may be leaving a long-term relationship where you have been courteous or put others' needs before your own. 

Taurus Your spiritual connection requires attention. You will leave an inauthentic workplace. 

Gemini Focus on your total influence. You will stop being selfish and only wanting your own best. 

CancerYour entire respect relationship requires attention. Seeing your toxic family members may be traumatic, but you must leave, not them. 

Leo Attention is needed on your higher self connection. You will leave lesser negative thought types that make you rely on others' tone and conversation. 

VirgoPay attention to your income and self-esteem. Toxic relationships with check-writers will be evident. 

LibraYour relationship and relatability need attention. Walk away from impressing people and following orders. 

ScorpioAttend to your job life and habits. You will stop concealing and shadowworking. 

SagittariusYour skills and hobbies need attention. Staying popular and pleasing everyone will be over. 

CapricornPay attention to your home life. You will no longer have to be the director and gain respect. 

AquariusYou must focus on your thinking. It appears you have been obedient and practically let others think for you. 

Pisces You must manage your finances. You appear to have relied on others. These people do not seem trustworthy. 

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