In betting probe, Michael Porter Jr. defends brother Jontay

Denver Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. stated Wednesday night that his younger brother Jontay would never want to hurt his NBA career.

The NBA is investigating Toronto Raptors forward Jontay Porter for betting violations over the past several months, sources informed ESPN earlier this week. 

Porter prop bets from Jan. 26 and March 20 are at question, sources claimed.

 NBA official told ESPN the organization is "looking into it."

Michael Porter Jr. addressed his brother's investigation after the Nuggets' home loss to the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday.

Michael Porter Jr. stated he has no more specifics than the media, but he praised his 24-year-old brother, "Jontay loves the game of basketball" and is thrilled to play for Toronto

"Throughout my entire life, I have known my brother.

 Michael Porter Jr. stated, "I know what kind of guy he is and he's excited to play basketball, so I doubt he would do anything to change that."

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