Juan Soto saves game in Yankees debut

 HOUSTON A superstar who excels in big occasions, Juan Soto's Opening Day debut was fitting for his first Yankee moment.

 That moment on a game-saving defensive play? The outside world didn't expect it from Soto, whose defense has been a weakness for two seasons.

That happened Thursday afternoon at Minute Maid Park against the Astros. In the ninth inning, Kyle Tucker singled to Soto in right field with one out and two runners on.

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 The Yankees led by one. Soto cleanly and neatly gathered the ball and let it fly to home plate

where Jose Trevino snagged it before whirling around to tag Mauricio Dubon.

Soto screamed and banged his chest. After a lengthy review, the play prevented the Astros from matching the game and possibly winning it. 

 Center fielder Aaron Judge said the Yankees' outfielders discussed the issue and how they had to throw to save the game moments before the play.

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