Mind-Blowing Optical Illusion Paintings by Rob Gonsalves  

Rob Gonsalves was a Canadian magic realism painter well renowned for his stunning optical illusions.   

The majority of his paintings have an unclear boundary between the numerous stories they portray, forcing the viewer to switch back and forth between them.  

Gonsalves' passion in art started at a young age. He was interested in creating artworks based on his imagination utilizing various materials.   

When he was twelve, he began to study about perspective techniques and to paint and design imaginary buildings, which sparked an interest in architecture.

As stated on Rob Gonsalves' official website, his paintings communicate "to the joyful and wonderous imagination of children and to us adults who can still find that inner child wi

Swing so high that our shoes touch the sky." Scroll down to discover the bizarre realms!   

Interestingly, Rob Gonsalves worked full-time in architecture for around five years.   

This is one of the reasons why his paintings contain a lot of architectural subject matter.  

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