Optical Illusion: Can you read what is written in this image?

There are many optical illusions online. They distort reality for our eyes and brains.

 They always captivate us, whether they incorporate color, motion, or geometry. 

Example: An optical illusion that keeps people riveted to their displays. Reason? Its messages are difficult to read. 

Can you decipher the unique and difficult messages?Could you read this optical illusion's message? 

A person wrote, “Don’t see it.” Two distinct messages! Another suggested looking at the image from the side without turning it.

A third said, “I only get a headache.” “Tilt which way,” asked a fourth.

 Both ways. Amazing! Five wished a nice Christmas and happy new year. Thoughts on this optical illusion?

A viral photo confused many online. Puzzlers had to decipher the onion and pi sign. 

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