Optical illusion is very challenging. Only 2% of individuals notice the hidden women hiding.  

whether you're ready for a challenge, see whether you're one of the 2% of people who can figure out the hidden images in this illustration.  

Optical illusions are a terrific way to get your eyes and mind working in new ways, and this one has folks scratching their brains about what they see.  

There are four women to find in this strange illusion, but many viewers are having difficulty seeing them.   

The sketch was drawn by Ukrainian artist Oleg Shupliak and depicts a woman with long flowing hair; however, can you see the other people within it  

At first sight, the image appears to be a sketch of a woman with thick hair and a gorgeous flowing dress, smiling as she talks on the phone.   

The primary woman is easy to see at first, but there are three other ladies lingering in the frame that are more difficult to find.  

On his website, Oleg claims he created a'symbolic composition' to 'enhance the popular issue' of optical illusions.   

The second woman can be seen on the woman's right hand, near her cheek. You would have probably mistaken her for a cell phone at first. 

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