Optical Illusion: The top mind-blowing optical illusion street paintings that shocked the internet!

Optical illusion photographs or images are becoming a daily practice and an internet sensation.   

Check out the optical illusion paintings created by various artists below.   

Creating optical illusions is a difficult task. Optical illusion photos or pictures are currently causing a stir online.  

They don't have to be brain puzzles or personality tests to be intriguing. Visual illusions generate non-existent realities, stunning viewers. Today, we've compiled a list of optic

Some well-known artists include Swedish artist Erik Johansson, Canadian painter Robert Gonsalves, and Edgar Müller.   

Among these, Edgar Miller is most known for his pavement drawings.  He works by painting big holes in the pavements of roadways. One of the best and most well-known images can be

It is not easy these days, and one must keep an eye on their foot when going for a walk.  

These are the decade's most viral optical illusion pavement paintings.


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