Pie Bar Recipes: When You Can't Decide Between Pie and Cookies  

We enjoy all types of pie, from warm-spiced seasonal favorites like apple and pumpkin to lovely summer pies that take advantage of the season's bounty.  

While we adore creating pie crust from scratch, all of these pie bars call for simple press-in crusts that don't require rolling.   

We really enjoy how portable and easy they are to share, much like our favorite cookies.  

These classic and beautiful bars feature a buttery and slightly salty shortbread crust covered with a sweet-tart lemon custard.  

But they're produced using a simple press-in crust that comes together in a stand mixer.  

These warm and spiced pumpkin pie bars will satisfy aficionados of the traditional.   

They're simple to build thanks to a buttery press-in crust.Mary Odson and Lisa Ritter's portable apple pies are made with a crisp and buttery shortbread crust, a spiced apple filli

Baker Cheryl Day's delicious bars feature a flaky brown sugar butter crust and a thick, espresso-spiked dark chocolate inside.  

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