Pumpkin Pudding

Now that I'm a grownup, I wouldn't give up my crust, but the creamy filling in pumpkin pie remains my favorite part. 

This pumpkin pudding recipe allows me to taste the deeply spiced pumpkin custard that I want every fall without having to go through the difficulty of preparing pie crust. How perf

This pumpkin pudding dish is not a traditional Thanksgiving dessert, but I hope you will try it nevertheless. It's really rich and creamy, with flavors of maple, vanilla, 

and cinnamon that evoke autumn. If you're anything like me, you'll be tempted to eat everything right from the blender!

This pumpkin pudding recipe has two options; they both tasted so amazing that I couldn't pick a favorite! A high-speed blender is required to prepare one pudding recipe, which has

The alternate recipe calls for coconut cream and almond butter and is compatible with any blender or food processor. In all forms, these important components make the pumpkin puddi

Pumpkin pudding is my grown-up version of the pumpkin pie I loved as a child. Back then, my favorite part of Thanksgiving was unquestionably the pumpkin pie. 

Or, more specifically, the pumpkin pie filling. My sister and I, being picky eaters, would scoop off the creamy pumpkin interior while leaving the crust shells alone. 

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