Purdue overwhelms Gonzaga with 3s and Zach Edey to advance to Elite Eight.

When it comes to offense, Purdue is much more than just Zach Edey.

This was a lesson that Gonzaga had to learn the hard way on Friday, when the Boilermakers claimed an 80-68 victory over the Bulldogs in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament.

Edey was the primary target of Gonzaga's defense from the beginning, as the squad frequently double-teamed him in the post and on pick-and-rolls. 

After then, Purdue's deadly halfcourt offense answered by making seven of thirteen shots from outside the arc in the first half of the game.

Edey scored after Gonzaga replied by providing him with single coverage in the second half. 

This allowed him to score despite the fact that his smaller defenders were present.

 Purdue is moving closer and closer to the top of the limited list of teams that are still in the running for the national championship thanks to their deadly inside-out combo.

Gonzaga kept up with its blistering attack for most of the game. 

 Purdue led 40-36 at halftime as the Bulldogs shot 51.7% while staying close. 

Gonzaga used a 9-2 run to get within two after Purdue drew away early in the second.

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