Rearranging the Men's Elite Eight for 2024 March Madness

This is the 2024 Elite Eight. Alabama will play Clemson on the big stage. In basketball, not football.

That's not the only intriguing aspect in the final set of games before the NCAA men's tournament semifinals. 

For the first time in 15 years, UConn is seeking dual national titles. 

 A hot Illinois team against the Huskies? NC State and Clemson have had amazing runs. 

Duke aims to end the Jon Scheyer era with a Final Four trip after defeating 1-seed Houston.

Now that we're in the Elite Eight, teams' plays matter more. 

You might like this order. Maybe you loathe it. Regardless, thanks for reading.

UConn games have things that would wreck most teams yet don't harm the Huskies. 

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