Sea Vegetables: A Comprehensive Guide

In an era when protecting your health and immune system is more vital than ever, there's one superfood you could be overlooking: sea vegetables. Sure, you've eaten seaweed in miso

However, sea vegetables include a vast variety of green, brown, and red seaweed, as well as edible marine algae. And they are packed with nutrients, some of which are unavailable i

"Sea vegetables are a great addition to a healthy diet, right now and always," says registered dietitian Abby Cannon, J.D., R.D., CDN. 

But where do you begin with such a diverse selection of vegetables? Can you obtain them at the grocery store, or is there a sea veggies supplement?

Experts can tell you everything you need to know about sea veggies, including their types, health advantages, and how to prepare them.

Sea veggies and their varied iterations extend far beyond the dehydrated seaweed snack packs you might purchase at the grocery store.

The phrase refers to edible marine algae, which are some of Earth's most primordial life forms and can be unicellular (microscopic) or multicellular. Seaweed is a part of this vast

Surprisingly, these organisms are not plants, despite their similarities. They don't have a root system since they can absorb nutrients and water directly into their tissues. 

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