Something Your Teen Needs You To Be

The 2016 documentary "Screenagers: Growing Up in the Digital Age" shows families struggling with screen time, one of the largest parenting issues of our time

Parents of teens can feel overwhelmed by this issue, especially when we observe screen time's detrimental consequences on our relationship

As an obsessive email checker and online news reader, I understand screen addiction. I can refocus and take care of business as an adult.

 I've set priorities and developed my reasoning brain.

MIT's Raising Teens Project identified ten essential developmental tasks for teens to succeed in adulthood.

 These include understanding emotions and relationships, abstract thinking, decision-making, self-control, generating values and beliefs, and establishing identities.

To become independent adults, teens must accomplish much of their work alone. This is a lot to do while the teen brain is developing.

Teens are exposed to all types of material that shapes their relationships, emotions, attention level, values, and beliefs while they accomplish much of their work online at warp s

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