Steph Curry becomes emotional as Draymond Green is ejected again for yelling at the referee.

On Wednesday, Stephen Curry appeared agitated after Draymond Green was dismissed in the first quarter of the Warriors-Orlando Magic game.

Green, 34, was ejected early after yelling at officials over Golden State's Andrew Wiggins' foul call.

NBA technical fouls result in one penalty free-throw for the opposing team. 

A player is expelled after a second technical.

Referee Ray Acosta initially issued Green a technical penalty, but the Warriors power forward kept ranting and was ejected during a key stretch of games for Golden State as they tr

Curry emotionally pulled his jersey over his face after flushing.

When Curry made a game-winning three-pointer in the fourth, cameras recorded him kicking a chair on the Warriors sideline in rage.

Curry, 36, became visible upset on the court.Green's fourth ejection this season came Wednesday night.

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