The 5 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Lives Improved Before the April 8 Solar Eclipse

The eclipse portal opens this week and closes the first week of April.

You can let go of reasoning and follow the universe's purpose for your life and relationships.

A time out of time, the Eclipse Portal seems to halt life between darkness and brightness. 

AriesYou are impatiently awaiting romantic changes, but you do not sure when or how they will happen. 

PiscesYou have spent your life dreaming of a love that makes time stand still, one that seems cosmic but can hold you near at night. 

Gemini As one of the zodiac's two dualism signs, it might be hard to reconcile your mind and heart. Your conscious and unconscious selves, or human and higher self, are frequently

CancerAs a Cancer, you may still be adjusting to this new year's energies. 

LibraYou will be given a rare opportunity to work with the cosmos and actively choose growth and newness. 

Most Annoying Quality Of Each Zodiac SignTHANKS FOR READING!