1: "The Big Bang Theory" returns with a new spinoff series. Explore the top 3 characters and their memorable moments on CBS.

2: Sheldon Cooper, known for his quirky behavior and love for science, stole the show with his hilarious antics.

3: Leonard Hofstadter, the lovable physicist, captivated audiences with his on-again, off-again relationship with Penny.

4: Penny, the charming girl-next-door, brought humor and heart to the series with her interactions with the guys.

5: Together, this trio created a dynamic and entertaining dynamic that kept fans coming back for more each week.

6: From Sheldon's iconic catchphrases to Leonard's awkward moments, each character had their own highlights throughout the series.

7: As the spinoff series continues the legacy of "The Big Bang Theory," fans can look forward to new adventures and laughs.

8: Don't miss out on the return of these beloved characters as they navigate the ups and downs of love, friendship, and science.

9: Experience the magic of "The Big Bang Theory" once again with the new spinoff series that promises to bring even more laughter and heartwarming moments.