The ability to master your mind rather than allow it to rule you is known as mental power.  

Mental toughness is what enables you to shift your focus and think in a less harmful way, preventing you from falling into vicious cycles of self-criticism and shame.   

You can choose to resist the need to respond to your spouse's sarcastic remark with a clever jab of your own, or you can say nothing at all or make it clear that you find the sarca

Therefore, developing mental toughness does not grant you total control over all internal affairs.  

Whether someone says something hurtful to you is beyond your control. However, you have power over your reply speech.  

The only way to lower your anxiety in the long term is to learn how to control your mental patterns of worry 

– You’ll only be able to get a handle on your anger issues when you learn to control your mental patterns of rumination.

– It’s hard to break the cycle of low self-esteem without learning how to manage your mental pattern of self-criticism.

They're honest about how they feel emotionally

They resist unnecessary mental time travel   The majority of emotional suffering is a direct result of too much mental time travel. 

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