The NFL greatly expands replay help on critical penalty calls.

The replay assistance program, which has helped accelerate on-field decisions without causing extended game disruptions, has been one of the NFL's successful innovations in recent

Replay assistance abilities have been expanded as a result of a rule change adopted at the league's annual meeting in Orlando.

This season, replay assist can provide guidance on called intentional grounding, roughing the passer, and hits out of bounds penalties.

However, they are still unable to reverse non-calls into penalties. Here's some more background from ESPN:

For the first time, the NFL will allow replay officials to assist with penalty enforcement. They will be unable to initiate a formal review for deliberate grounding, roughing the p

They cannot even advise that a flag be thrown. However, the regulation allows them to advise a real-time reversal of a penalty on "specific,

objective aspects of a play when clear and obvious video evidence is present." Previously, replay officials provided guidance on rulings like catch/no-catch, possession, and down b

It's great that fake roughing the passer penalties and "wasn't actually out of bounds" roughness flags can be reversed, but the inability to convert no-called into penalties remain

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