The optical illusion of the spinning vortex

We particularly enjoy optical illusions that provide the impression of motion but are actually stationary images.   

These are instances of physiological optical illusions, which are brought on by the brain's senses being overstimulated   

the eye perceives more color, light, movement, or dimensions than the brain can handle.  

This one is fascinating with its purple and yellow vortex-like design, but we assure you that it isn't a gif or a movie.  

The image is very still. When you let your eyes wander over the design, the interplay of various patterns, lights  

levels fools your brain into believing it to be moving.  

LibraYou should be able to see the image halt if you focus all of your attention on its center.  

What happens is that the combination of the different patterns, light and levels tricks your mind

Concentrate on the very centre of the image and you should be able to see it stop.