The top 10 foods high in protein for inactive individuals 

Protein is vital for muscle repair, hormone production, and immune function, but excessive intake can cause digestive discomfort and strain the kidneys, especially for those with e

Optimal protein consumption supports energy levels, growth, and repair, emphasizing the importance of following dietary guidelines. 

To avoid side effects, evenly distribute protein intake throughout the day to aid digestion and absorption. 

Adequate protein intake is crucial for sustaining energy levels and supporting growth and development. 

While protein is essential, overconsumption can lead to digestive issues and strain on the kidneys, particularly for those with kidney conditions. 

To maintain a balanced diet, it's important to incorporate protein within recommended limits and spread intake evenly across meals. 

Protein plays a key role in muscle repair and immune function, but excessive consumption may lead to adverse effects. 

Following dietary guidelines and distributing protein intake evenly throughout the day supports optimal digestion and absorption. 

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