This artist's wacky optical illusion photographs have certainly cheered my day.  

Optical illusion images are not new. Even before social media, it was common to manipulate perspective to make it appear   

But one photographer has gone viral for taking it to new heights with his quirky graphic creations.  

Hugo Suíssas creates amusing optical illusion images by cleverly situating domed ceilings, skyscrapers, and other objects.   

But they aren't simply amusing to look at; they also tell surprising stories and provide new meaning to architectural monuments.  

Suíssas, a Portuguese artist, repositions everyday things, parts of them, or even his hands in unconventional locations  

The roof of a stadium transforms into an Apple Magic Mouse (with a more accessible charging port), the dome of Galeries Lafayette into an umbrella, a lighthouse into a spray can, a

As a result, landmarks and street furniture take on a completely different meaning.  

View more of Suíssas' work on his Instagram feed. For more mind-bending optical illusion deliciousness, check out the new optical illusion that scientists cannot explain.  

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