This Raspberry and Pistachio Crepe Cake Is a 'Great Centerpiece' for Your Easter Spread

"It's an easy recipe that involves spreading layers of thin pancakes with deliciously sweet cream,"  

the chef, whose vibrant dessert recipe is taken from her new cookbook Flavor  

Europe and Asia are big fans of crepe cakes, but according to Ghayour, her special blend of flavors elevates   

"The sharpness of raspberries pairs well with the sweetness of pistachios."  

treat is just as delicious as it is beautiful. 

LibraThis chocolate pound cake recipe enveloped in a chocolate ganache, is sure to delight your taste buds! 

colorful dessert recipe is adapted from her new cookbook Flavor. 

"The sweetness of pistachios work well with the sharpness of raspberries,"  

"It makes a great centerpiece."


Ghayour’s Raspberry and Pistachio Crepe Cake