Top 10 Middle Names for Girls

Akiko. Depending on the kanji used, this Japanese girl's name might mean clear, crystal, bright, autumn, or youngster. It is up to you to decide which connotation is most fitting f

Anika. This Hindi and Bengali name is the feminine version of the male name Anik, which signifies army or brilliance in Sanskrit. It would create an adorable baby girl name with a

Cora. The Latin form of the Greek name Kore, which was an epithet for the Greek goddess Persephone, did not become a given name until 1826, when it was used for a character in Jame

Devika. This Hindi name means "little goddess" in Sanskrit. Could there be a better middle name for your young royal?

Dora. This is a shortened version of the names Dorothy, Theodora, and Isidora. However, on its own, it's a really appealing option.

Elsa. The abbreviated form of the German and Dutch names Elisabeth, spelled with a S. Fans of a specific Disney animated picture may particularly enjoy this option.

Gina. The girls' names are Georgina, Regina, Luigina, Virginia, and Eugenia. You might prefer the abbreviated form for a middle name, especially if you've picked a long first name.

Keri. This is the feminine form of the name Kerry, which refers to an Irish county. This distinctive spelling is appealing.

Lulu. This name is a diminutive of names starting with Lu, such as Luisa. Lulu, a Middle Eastern name, means pearls in Arabic. It's the ideal middle name with the best meaning for

Macy. This name is based on an English surname given to persons who arrived from the French town of Massy. The name itself sounds lovely and feminine. And, if you enjoy shopping at

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