Visual Illusion of a High IQ: Identify the Letter 'N' Within the Letter 'H'  

Brain teasers and puzzles that test cognitive ability are frequent in a world that values intelligence.   

In the latest optical illusion, people must find a letter 'N' hidden among a sea of letter 'H's.   

This work appears simple, but it's actually quite complicated.  

The optical illusion features grid-like rows and columns of letters 'H'.   

This seemingly uniform design hides a single 'N,' disguised to match its 'H' counterparts.   

The tiny changes in letter structure make this deception difficult, requiring careful attention to detail and exceptional visual discernment.  

.To understand how different brain regions react to optical illusions, scientists have conducted tests for years.  

Test your observation abilities now. Find a hidden Letter N in 18 seconds with this optical illusion.Remember to concentrate and stay hopeful. Keep looking at the image.  

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