Your 2024 unique eclipse forecast from an astrologer for your sign

These powerful lunations can help us reach our goals if we strive hard.

Strong cosmic events like eclipses are believed to help humans resolve emotions and start new chapters.

 Four eclipses in 2024 could bring us closer to our destinies if we're willing to delve deep and face what no longer serves us. 

Prepare to lead when the first solar eclipse of 2024 occurs on April 8. We'll be empowered to recognize and claim what we need to prosper as the spirit-driving sun conjuncts the em

Epiphanies and surprises can give us empowering wisdom, but we must use it to grow.  

The moon eclipse in intuitive Pisces on Sept. 17/18 (depending on your time zone) will require us to pay attention to how our emotions affect our actions.

When the instinct-ruling moon opposes the consciousness-driving sun, we can see the world clearly. Try using these ideas to change your daily routine. 

As the proud sun and mood-ruling moon conjoin in balanced Libra on Oct. 2, the year's final solar eclipse will occur.

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